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Migraine - Do you suffer from migraine? Then read this article!

Main causes:

Hormonal changes;

High altitude;

Weather-related factors (humidity, wind, atmospheric pressure);


Odors (perfume or chemicals with sharp odors);

Environmental factors;

Day-to-day stress;

Personal problems;


Malnutrition or overweight;

Chronic diseases;

Premenstrual syndrome;

Omit meals;


Bright lights;




Cigarette smoke;

High altitude;


There are several foods that can trigger migraines. It is necessary that you observe when you eat if some food has this characteristic for you. This varies a lot from person to person.

Some foods can help relieve and even prevent migraines.

Magnesium is a very important mineral in this process, so consumption of foods such as avocado, oat bran that are sources of it is recommended.

Banana is also a source of magnesium and also contains vitamin B6 which facilitates the synthesis of serotonin.

A self-analysis is very important, observing possible triggers and managing them is very important to avoid migraine attacks.

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