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Hi, I'm Livia Dickson, nutritionist, passionate about food science, human nutrition and research! I am a motivated person, dedicated to leading my clients to reach their goals assertively. Clients may be private companies, individuals, or public health organizations.


My Story

I take care of different health conditions in a variety age group, from children to the elderly.
My job duties include planning well-balanced meals, advising on best nutrition practices, and suggesting lifestyle changes.
Facing complicated clinical cases sharpens my curiosity and tenacity, pushing me to be a better professional every day. Today, after years of experience, I feel confident to develop my work wherever I go.
I believe in research and development as essential tools for a better quality of life and longevity. I'm curious and like to be on the move, learning daily from my research. 
My greatest strength is using up-to-date scientific information to set the path for achieving my clients' goals. I also consider my personal experience to better conduct my work.

My expertise: understanding the relationship of food with the human body and the state of health and disease, biochemical individuality, metabolomics in nutrition, nutritional balance and bioavailability of nutrients, nutritional, structural, and hormonal imbalances, oxidative stress, gastrointestinal ecology, detoxification of the body, immunological changes, bioactive compounds in human health and mind-body interaction.

I am currently living in Brazil and am available for travel.

For my dear patients, I can provide assistance online (in Portuguese, English and French) or in person.

For companies, research centers or the like, I will be happy to discuss potential collaborations and works.


500 Terry Francine St.
San Francisco, CA 94158





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▸ General Nutrition

▸Weight Management:

weight loss / weight gain

▸Intestinal modulation
▸Dysbiosis treatment

▸Gastro-intestinal disorders

▸ Nutraceuticals, supplements and food products developer

▸ Longevity
▸ Metabolic disease
▸ Chronic diseases

▸Women's health:


polycystic ovary syndrome


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